7 ways to communicate with your caregiver

Sesame Street offers insight about the parent-caregiver relationship

Sesame Street may be one of your child’s favorite caregivers, but they are hardly the flesh and blood person who takes care of your loved one when you aren’t available. Whether a relative like a sister or grandparent, Sesame Street points out, parent and caretaker are a childcare “team” that works best with great communication.

Sesame Street offers 7 tips to make these conversations easier. Here are the abbreviated versions. Visit the Sesame Street site for the entire post (and other wonderful advice).

  1. Little ones listen. Choose a time and place where you can talk alone, away from a child’s ears.
  2. Be aware of your feelings. Have difficult conversations when you’re calm.
  3. Share the positive. Don’t just have negative conversations; share regularly when things are going well.
  4. Take your time. Leave enough time to talk.
  5. Create a judgment-free zone. Accept that parents and caregivers may have different approaches that are equally valid.
  6. Use examples. Don’t make broad complaints; be specific.
  7. Brainstorm solutions. Work together for solutions; don’t just inflict your own.
Your Thriving Child
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