15 ways to keep your kids active…indoors!

It’s raining cats and dogs outside, but you don’t want your kids to sit around staring into monitors all day. 15 no cost, no fuss activities to keep them jumping.

You might be able, occasionally, to drag your kids away from the television, smartphone, and computer when the weather allows. After all, they can bike, swim, hike, ice skate, ski, run, and otherwise explore.

But what about those days when it’s pouring rain, the wind is at gale force, the snow is too deep, or you just need them at home? And you still want them to be physically active, not rotting away in front of the screen all day.

Today’s Parent offers 15 fun indoor activities (in Canadian, like “favourite”) that require no special planning, no equipment (well, one needs a balloon), and not much space.

Take for example: Freeze Dance. You did that when you were a kid, didn’t you? Play the music and then the kids have to stop in whatever position when the music does.

Or Crab Carry. The children get into the famous crab position to carry something like a beanbag on their stomachs from here to there. (You can substitute an expensive vase instead.)

The article offers other links as well as music for Freeze Dance. What more can you ask for a rainy day?


Physical Activity
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