25 Everyday Activities to Build Resilience In Your Child

Chelsea Lee Smith writes for the website MomentsADay.com, where you can find “hands on activities to build character in your children”.

Her list of 25 resiliency-building activities is both straightforward and positive. Examples:

  • Give your child independence to try new things they initiate, such as climbing at the playground or opening a container, even if you think it is “too hard” for them.
  • Enable your child to give toys and clothes away regularly to charity, and teach them that material possessions are simply tools, and not an answer to happiness.
  • Allow your child to experience the extremes of temperature by dressing accordingly, not hiding away from the weather.
  • Introduce your child to new experiences that will help them step outside their comfort zone, such as playing with children who speak another language and trying new foods.
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