How to ask the right questions to your back-to-schoolers

Ask questions the right way and you’ll get good answers!

Lots going on the first days of school. One thing never changes, though. Ask your child how school is and you’ll get the same answer: “Okay”.

Good news. You can get better and more useful answers by asking better questions. Just make two changes.

One, ask open-ended questions that can’t be answered with one word. Don’t ask, “How was school?” Ask, “How was school different from last year?” Don’t ask, “Do you like your teacher?” Ask, “What’s the most interesting she said about the coming school year?”

Two, ask questions that allow your child to express concerns. But don’t ask in a negative way; that’s likely to end the conversation. “Describe your daily schedule for me.” “Was there anything you wished you had at school today that you didn’t?”

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Your Thriving Child
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