Playing Outside: South County Parks and Playgrounds

Is your family taking advantage of your parks and rec department’s offerings?

For example, Westerly’s site offers awesome events and programs such as “Surf School 2016”, “Wuskenau Ocean Adventures”, and the “2016 Annual Run for The Pumpkins”.

Find your town’s parks and recreation department:


Physical Activity

Show us your favorite playgrounds!

Did you have a beloved playground when you were a kid? One with a jungle gym,  a slide, a seesaw ,and enough other activities that you never got bored? Where you made new friends every time you went?  You probably didn’t even know that you were getting lots of exercise and that you were learning how to socialize.

Which are your child’s favorite playgrounds in South County? Take a picture – preferably with you and your children – and post it on our Facebook page. We’ll put it up on the website, too.

Here’s one to start with:

Westerly’s Rotary Park, 138 Airport Road

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