Do kids ever love going to the dentist? It might be our fault.

Five parent-approved ways to reduce anxiety for pediatric dental appointments

Hard to imagine our children being excited about a trip to the dentist. We weren’t; why should they be?

In fact, that might be part of the problem, according to various studies (although none of them seem definitive). We might be passing on some of our own worries and anxieties to the kids, from the moment we say, “We need to go to the dentist,” to the point where the dentist puts the mirror into their mouths. “It won’t hurt” isn’t exactly a reassuring message.

Julie M. Green with YMC has 5 smart ways to introduce your child to a good relationship with the dentist. Our favorite might be “no bribery”, whatever that means.

P.S. It’s usually the Dad who passes on the bad dental vibes, we hear.

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