Menus, Recipes & Children Cooking

The best way to get your children eating good foods is to involve them when making meal choices and cooking.

Menus, Recipes & Children Cooking

A good place to start is “My Plate Menu Planner”. The kids help design the week’s dinner menus, including the fruits, grains, vegetables, and proteins.

The USDA’s ChooseMyPlate has a lot under one umbrella:

  • Wacky games, like fueling your rocket with good food
  • Healthy eating and dancing videos, including some with the first lady!
  • Recipes, including cookbooks from The White House

How about chocolate zucchini cupcakes or blue banana smoothies? has recipes for each age group, as well as advice such as eating healthy at the amusement park.

Porcupine sliders and squish-squash lasagna is one of many delicious recipes among these “kid-tested, kid-approved recipes.

Tearing lettuce, mashing potatoes, and snapping beans!

Just 3 of the top 10 ways to get kids involved in healthy cooking and shopping. We love fruits & veggies more matters for all kinds of healthy activities.

14 really simple dairy recipes, from Creamy Sweet Potato Soup to Fruit & Yogurt Parfait


Healthy Eating

Recipe books by kids, for kids

Your child will love – and so will you – these five annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Cookbooks. Each features 50 grand-prize winning recipes, one from every state. And all were submitted by children between ages 8-12.

You’ll also find recipe books from the White House, and from Native American and Latin American cooking traditions.

When can your child cook with you?

Your 2- or 3-year-old shouldn’t be using a knife, but they can help wash and tear lettuce. Want to see cooking tutorials of parents with their children?  Watch here!

Chef David Kamen and his too-cute 4-year-old daughter Natalia model how to wash hands, clean fruits and vegetables, then make such dishes as fruit skewers, pita pizzas, and baked eggrolls. Part of the Keep the Beat series

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