What nutritionists serve their kids for breakfast

Mmmm…egg burritos, waffles, smoothies, and yogurt parfaits. Now, that’s breakfast!

The old adage was that cobblers’ children run around barefoot, meaning that the cobbler is too busy making shoes for others to take care of his own children.

Not so for nutritionists, if one is to believe the latest article in Parenting magazine. Caroline Bologna surveyed parent/nutritionists about what they serve their children for breakfast.

For some, the standby is scrambled eggs.

“My youngest daughter prefers egg burritos, which we make with organic flour tortillas, scrambled eggs and shredded cheese,” reported Rick Hall, a dietitian at Arizona State University. “My wife keeps already cleaned and cut fruit in the refrigerator ready-to-go for the kids to eat; so fruit often makes it into our breakfast as a side dish or, sometimes, into the pancake or waffle batter.”

“Cereals are fast and easy,” noted dietitian Maya Feller for the article. “I look for ones that are 5 grams of sugar or less per serving, in addition to ones that have no added sugar. We will top them with seasonal fruit and/or nuts and seeds to boost the nutrient content. Some of the staple cereals we always have are no-added-sugar muesli with nuts (we like this because although calorically dense, both of my kids are active and exceed 60 minutes of physical activity daily so they need the nourishment).

Other popular entries were smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and waffles.

Move over, kids. Breakfast for everyone!

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