Take the snacks to work that 10 nutritionists do

10 nutritionists tell you the snacks they take to work every day. They’re healthy, filling, and…delicious.

If you’re going to snack at work – and you know you are – make it healthy, satisfying, and effective, says CNN writer Lisa Drayer. The good news, she learned while interviewing 10 nutritionists about what they snack on, is you have choices other than tofu and cardboard.

The answers ran from the simple – a handful of almonds or a can of tuna – to the seemingly gourmet: Italian taralli crackers and string cheese.

(Did we mention that up to one ounce of dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve cognition, and possibility lower risk of diabetes, too?)

Check out all these plus the yogurt with chia seeds, the apple and roasted chickpeas, and peanut butter on the CNN website.

Healthy Eating
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