BAM! Online games & quizzes on the Body and Mind for 9-12 year-olds, from the CDC

CDC has a new website on nutrition and health that looks like Saturday morning TV, but it’s interactive, educational, and doesn’t advertise sugared cereals!

Hey kids!

BAM! Body and Mind will tell you everything you need to know about all the stuff that matters. Whether it’s nutrition, physical activity, stress, safety, or diseases, the CDC (the nation’s Center for Disease Control) has you covered! They designed this site specifically for you — kids 9–12 years old — and even have some awesome games and quizzes to test your skills!

Parents and teachers, BAM! has something for you too. Browse the site to see what kids are learning about. Take a look at the Teacher’s Corner to see how BAM! topics can be incorporated into classroom activities.

The CDC promises that the site will be regularly updated, so you can keep returning.

Your Thriving Child
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