Your child, not your cellphone, needs your attention

Don’t interrupt special time with your child with a cellphone. He or she can learn more slowly, fall back in athletics, and react in anger.

What exactly do you think your very young child is doing while you’re on your cellphone? Not just hanging out, it seems.

Imagine this. You’re doing word play with your toddler, when you let a phone call interrupt it. According to one study, the child’s ability to learn new words is derailed.

Or maybe it’s “just” “problem” behaviors. In another study, 170 couples reported their children’s issues, from sulking to temper tantrums. No surprise, the more that parents reported phone-related interruptions, the more they reported negative behaviors.

Maryam Abdullah of Greater Good Magazine strongly suggests three tips for drawing a sharp divide between telephone time and quality time with your children.

  1. Put your phone in another room when you’re trying to help your child learn something new.
  2. Keep your phone in your back pocket when you’re at your kids’ games (research also points to reduced athletic performance when parents aren’t paying attention).
  3. Ask yourself honestly whether your phone use might be contributing to family conflicts.

Read Maryam Abdullah’s entire article.


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