food access

For many, access to healthy food is a problem. If you don’t have a car in South County, you have a fifty percent chance of living in a “food desert”. Even if you do, can you easily find fresh, nutritious, and affordable food?

Our farms in South County are a big asset. And with the farms come delicious farmers markets.

Connecting people with limited incomes to great food they can afford

Thundermist Health Center connects low-income individuals and families to the region’s farmers markets. There are more issues than you might imagine: transportation is a big one. So is unfamiliarity with both farmers markets and some of the fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats that might be offered.

With our help, Thundermist is:

  • Negotiating with farmers and markets to accept WIC and SNAP benefits
  • Providing matching support (“Bonus Bucks”) so the family’s dollar will go farther
  • Bringing one-day markets to local neighborhoods (“pop-up markets”)
  • Offering cooking classes


Digging deeper into the numbers

Thundermist and Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds are digging deeper into determining who in South County is having a hard time buying fresh fruits and vegetables for their families. One way is to encourage health providers to ask their patients just two simple questions during medical exams. The answers help determine if families may need emergency food services, a food pantry, or soup kitchen.

For more information about our Food Access initiative, email Rosemary Galiani

The Food Access initiative will continue in 2017.