Build your child’s brain at Vroom

We took an informal poll, and everybody we know loves the organization Vroom. Led by experts in everything from early childhood and parenting to neuroscience and behavioral economics, it comes up with the coolest things for parents to do with your kids.

As simple as having your 6-month-old turn off the lights when you leave a room and turn them on when you enter. Or give your 1-year-old a daily weather report and what it meant for you. Maybe your 5-year-old should be in charge of the list when you both run errands. And you and your 3-year-old can empty your pockets every night and you can say where each item came from.

These and many more activities on the Vroom website or watch this video about the free, Vroom app for daily activities

Make the sparks fly!

We can boost our children’s motivations and interests (or “sparks”)…if we know what they are. Answer this simple 11-question quiz from Parent Further, and the organization will respond with your “score” and some customized resources.

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