Just when you needed them: 11 healthy meals in 15 minutes

Nutritionists recommend these go-to recipes to get a nutritious meal on your table fast.

You don’t need an excuse (with us, at least). Kids in school, long days at work, one-adult family, hungry cubs. Two imperatives: get food on the table and make it healthy!

NBC’s “Better” website has several nutrition stories, including 11 healthy meals you can prepare in 15 minutes (well, not all 11 at one time, of course).

We’re talking about a simple rice-and-beans bowl, including peppers as spicy as you like, tomatoes, and chickpeas. Peanut noodles, assuming no one is allergic. And an egg sandwich, just to name three ideas.

We now return you to your too-busy schedule. Don’t forget to eat!

Healthy Eating
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