Learning the Signs & Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Prepare your family for tick season

Lyme disease doesn’t always have the telltale bull’s-eye rash.

You shouldn’t venture outdoors, particularly into wooden areas, until you learn more about tick-borne diseases, their symptoms and ways to protect yourself.

Dr. Fred Silverblatt of South County Health will discuss the many signs & symptoms that go along with tick-borne diseases.

The best protection for you and your family is learning what to look for.

Are your pets ready for the baby?

Are your pets ready for another four-legged animal in the house, namely a baby?

Baby-Ready Pets is a program endorsed by the American Humane Association to help expectant families prepare their pets (fish need not apply) for a newborn. If you are pregnant, adopting, or becoming a foster parent and have a pet at home, this presentation is for you!

The lecture, sponsored by South County Health, will be presented by humane education instructor, Jane Deming. All participants will receive a free copy of ‘Pet Meets Baby’, a guide for families bringing children home to pets.

Please register by going to the Eventbrite website on this page.

Please note: Pets are NOT allowed to attend with the owner. This is NOT an animal training event.

Free Mental Health First Aid training for non-professionals

Be prepared to help a loved one, friend, or colleague who shows signs of mental health problems. Take a free, 8-hour Mental Health First Aid workshop.

Someone near you – might be a family member, a best friend, a work colleague – could be suffering without you knowing it. We’re talking about mental health issues, from grieving to crisis.

This 8-hour workshop, split over two days, is designed for non-practitioners. You’ll learn how to identify warning signs, the right questions to ask, referral sources, and how you might help until your friend or loved one is stable.