Get in the water – but safely – this summer

Water play should be a summer joy. Six rules so it’s never a tragedy.

There may be no more fun activity for a child (or an adult) on a hot summer day than being in the cool, cool water. You are weightless, refreshed, and in another world.

We hate to say “but”, but we must. Drownings, in buckets, bathtubs, swimming pools, lakes and rivers, are a leading cause of juvenile death.

We look to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for its wise water safety advice.

Though we suggest you read the whole article, here are 6 of the organization’s basics:

  1. You, yes you, need to be within arm’s length and aware. No texting, dozing, or so caught up in a conversation you lose attention.
  2. You: take a CPR course.
  3. Your child should start swimming lessons beginning at age 4.
  4. Strict rules in a swimming pool (you know them): no diving in shallow water, no running, nothing in your mouth while swimming, no rough play in the water.
  5. No infants or toddlers in the water, propped up or not. You better be holding them!
  6. Life jackets are a must when on a boat. So is appropriate clothing if the weather turns cold and you can’t quickly get to shore.

Let’s only know joy in the water this summer!



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