Mental Health Issues Aren’t Limited to Adults: 15 Signs to Watch For

Not only can children and teens experience mental health problems, research shows that most mental disorders typically start early in life.

The National Institute of Mental Health identifies 15 warning signs and plenty of resources. Your child or teen might need help if he or she, among others:

  • Often feels very angry or very worried
  • Can’t sleep or eat
  • Is unable to enjoy pleasurable activities any more
  • Isolates her/himself and avoids social interactions
  • Hurts other people or destroys property
  • Has thoughts of suicide
  • Harms her/himself, such as cutting or burning her/his skin
  • Thinks his or her mind is controlled or out of control

You have options. Visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to get basic tips and watch helpful videos. Or NIMH’s own help page.

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