20-plus tips for safe summer travel

Crackers for nausea, trash bags for garbage, proof of vaccination, favorite stuffed animal; so much to remember for a safe and happy car or plane trip

The toughest part of any vacation is usually preparing for it. Multiply that times 100 when you have children, and by another 100 when the kids are under three. “Did you bring the diapers, car toys, sunscreen, music, snacks…?”

Are we there yet?

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta offer a concise, well-organized list of 20-plus “travel hacks”, whether by car or plane.

Some items on the list seem so obvious, and yet…did you remember bland crackers for the child (or adult) who might get carsick? A sheet or tarp for playing outside when you take a break? A trash bag for the growing pile of garbage?

Those are the easy ones. Did you notify the hotel you needed a crib or rollaway bed? Are you all set on passport and visa materials? Do you have sufficient medications and, if necessary, proof of vaccinations?

A good list to have any time you travel, even when summer ends (sigh).

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