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The best way to stay hydrated this summer? Water!

And some other tips from LetsGo/5210

Ah, water! By the time he or she (or you) is thirsty, your child is already dehydrated. Water’s best, best, best to keep the system running. Sports drinks and sodas are worst, worst, worst.

For a twist, add a bit of squeezed fruit (like the suggestions to the right) to some water or seltzer. Watermelon and blueberries? Your child will be weaned from sugar drinks forever!

South County Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds sponsors Let’s Go/5210 locally.

Visit the LetsGo website for the best ways to hydrate this summer.  

Read about South County’s 5210 effort, overseen by the tireless Cindy Buxton

The vegetables (and cheeses & honey) are in

Everything you need to visit South County’s 12 farmers markets

The growing season may not be as long as we’d like here in Rhode Island, but oh, those fresh tomatoes, corn, carrots, broccoli, peppers, melons and more.

The best place to buy local food is at one of South County’s 12 farmers markets or directly from farms or farm stands. And the best place we know for information about all of Rhode Island’s farmers, farmers markets, and restaurants that use local produce is Farm Fresh RI.

You can also visit our website for South County’s 12 farmers markets, with hours, locations, dates of operation, and benefits.

Farm Fresh RI’s website will tell you everything about farmers markets in Rhode Island (and a bit of Massachusetts and Connecticut, too). 

Our website tells you specifically about South County’s 12 farmers markets. We partner with Thundermist Health Center to encourage local farmers to accept WIC and SNAP benefits, and residents to shop there.

Bored? Take a hike (or paddle or bike)

Three resources to uncover the wonders of Rhode Island

The best guide for hiking and paddling might be Explore Rhode Island’s Blueways and Greenways website. The website lists all the state’s hiking trails by town, length, and difficulty. The Blueways Alliance and the Rhode Island Land Trust Council created the site.You don’t really understand how much adventure is packed into the nation’s smallest state until you look at the insider guides that have been compiled.

    AllTrails uses an app that lets you record your activities and follow along on the trail.

Last but certainly not least, The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy offers TrailLink, a detailed guide to the state’s bike paths. It lists length, difficulty and – important – the road surface on which you’ll be biking.

 Explore Rhode Island’s Blueways and Greenways website

AllTrails website

TrailLink, a detailed guide to the state’s bike paths

10 tips for raising resilient kids 

“Don’t make life so easy for them”   

Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. at PsychCentral says a child has to face obstacles on their own if they are going to develop resiliency. They’re not going to do so if an adult solves every problem for them.

Among Ms. Tartakovsky’s 10 tips:

* Don’t “accommodate” your child’s every need
* Let them make mistakes
* Don’t eliminate all risk

Read all 10 tips on our website.

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