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Show us your (child’s) favorite playground

And a link to your town’s parks & rec department

Did you have a beloved playground when you were a kid? One with a jungle gym, slide, seesaw, and enough activities that you never got bored? Where you made new friends every time you went?

You probably didn’t know that you were getting lots of exercise and that you were learning how to socialize.

Where are your child’s favorite playgrounds in South County? Take a photo and post it on our Facebook page. We’ll list it on our website, too.

Visit bodiesminds.org to find what your town’s parks department has scheduled for your family this summer.

Post a photo of your favorite playground on the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Facebook page. Or one you think needs some loving care.

Six easy ways to keep pills out of your little one’s reach

Put them “up & away”, lock the caps, alert guests, educate your kids

Approximately 60,000 young children are brought to the emergency room each year because they got into medicines that were left within reach.

That’s the daunting statistic from the Up & Away initiative, which offers six easy-to-implement (and commonsense) activities you, as young parents, should begin today.

The easiest and most obvious? Make sure you re-lock the safety cap after each use and put those pills WAY out of reach of innocent but probing hands.

To prepare for an emergency, Up & Away counsels that you add the Poison Help number (800-222-1222) on all your phones, right now.

Read all six ways to protect your young children from accidental medication poisoning; visit the Up & Away website.

Add the Poison Help number – (800) 222-1222 –  to all your phones right now and visit the Poison Help website for other useful information. 

22 budget-friendly ways to entertain the kids this summer

Treasure hunts, beach games, fruit picking, backyard camping + 18 more

Photo by Marina Leonidovna, Shutterstock
As Alice Cooper sang, “School’s Out for Summer,” and sometimes it just may seem like forever. Plus, your kids may not believe it, but you don’t have a free ATM in your pocket.

Along comes MoneyTalkNews with 22 “I should have thought of those” ideas like treasure hunts, many of which can even happen inside on rainy days.

Primarily a for-profit budget financial site, MoneyTalkNews nonetheless has some kid-directed content, like more than 1,000 math worksheets separated by grades 1-8.

Running out of ideas already? July is only starting! Take a look at the 22 no-cost or low-cost ways your kids can have fun this summer.

Maybe math isn’t your child’s idea of a fun summer activity…but just in case, Adapted Mind tries to make it fun.

Breastfeeding…one of your first decisions as a new mom

Lots of resources online and right here in South County  

Nearly 8 of every 10 new moms in Rhode Island breastfeed, a big turnaround from years past. These moments between you and your baby can be very special, powerful for both health and bonding.

It’s also true that attaching might not go well, your baby may be colicky, and/or it may be physically uncomfortable. Difficulties are more common than you might know and certainly nothing about which to be embarrassed.

Happily, in addition to whatever experienced women relatives and best friends you have nearby, you also have lots of resources in South County. Plus there are excellent web resources now.

On bodiesminds.org, we’ve collected:

  • a video from WebMD that introduces the ins and outs of breastfeeding
  • 16 more videos on specific breastfeeding issues from BreastFeedingInc

We’ve also identified state and local breastfeeding organizations and resources.

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